Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Wednesday of the months February through to December. The meetings are held in the Council Chambers, Railway Avenue, Nungarin at 3pm (unless otherwise advised).

No action should be taken on any item discussed at a Council meeting prior to written advice on the resolution of Council being received.

Rate payers and residents are welcome to attend these meetings.


Agendas for Council meetings are available to Elected Members and the public on the Friday prior to the Council meeting; and can be obtained from the Shire's Administration Centre, or downloaded below.

Limited copies are available at the meeting.


The Shire website contains minutes from Council and Annual Electors meetings. If you wish to view Council Minutes that are not available on this site please visit the Shire's Administration Office Monday-Friday between 8.00am and 4pm. 

2021 Council Meetings

Meeting Date                        Agenda                   Attachments                      Minutes                              

17 February 2021


Appendix 8.5.1A

Appendix 8.5.2A

Appendix 8.5.2B

Appendix 8.5.3A

Appendix 8.5.4A

Appendix 8.5.7A

Appendix 9.1.1A

Minutes (Confirmed)

9 March 2021

Audit Committee Agenda  Appendix 4.1A CAR Minutes (Unconfirmed)

17 March 2021


Appendix 8.4.1 A

Appendix 8.4.2 A

Appendix 8.4.2 B

Appendix 8.4.2 C

Appendix 8.4.3 A

Appendix 8.4.4 A

Appendix 8.4.5 A

Appendix 8.5.1 A

Appendix 8.5.2 A

Appendix 8.5.3 A

Appendix 9.2 A

              Minutes (Confirmed)               

25 March 2021

Audit Committee Agenda

Appendix 4.1 Annual Report

Audit Committee Meeting Minutes (Confirmed)

21 April 2021

Annual Electors Meeting Agenda Minutes (Unconfirmed)

21 April 2021


Appendix 10 1A 

Appendix 10 3A

Appendix 10 4A

Appendix 10 5A

Appendix 10 6A

Appendix 11 1A


19 May 2021


Appendix 9.2A 

Appendix 9.4A

Appendix 9.6A

Appendix 9.7A

Appendix 10.1A

Minutes (Confirmed)

16 June 2021


Appendix 8.2A

Appendix 8.3A

Appendix 8.4A

Appendix 8.5A

Appendix 9.1A

Minutes (Unconfirmed)

21 July 2021


Appendix 8.1A

Appendix 8.6A

Appendix 8.8A

Appendix 8.8B

Appendix 9.1A

Appendix 8.5A

18 August 2021

15 September 2021

27 October 2021

17 November 2021

15 December 2021

2020 Council Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Attachments Minutes
19 February 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes(confirmed)
18 March 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
15 April 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
20 May 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)
17 June 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)
15 July 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)
19 August 2019 Agenda


8.5.4 Draft Budget

8.5.7 Budget Statement

Minutes (Confirmed)
16 September 2020 Agenda


8.5.3 MFR

Minutes (Confirmed)
21 October 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)
18 November 2020 Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)
16 December 2020          Agenda Attachments Minutes (Confirmed)

2019 Council Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Attachments Minutes
20 February 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
20 March 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
17 April 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
15 May 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
19 June 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
17 July 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
21 August 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
18 September 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
23 October 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
20 November 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)
18 December 2019 Agenda Attachments Minutes (confirmed)