Tidy Towns Program Background

What is Tidy Towns?

  • Tidy Towns is about cooperation and community involvement.
  • Provides an incentive for existing environmental and/or community groups to work together to achieve a common vision for a better environment, a sustainable community and improved quality of life.
  • Tidy Towns is a program that brings communities together to undertake practical actions to enhance and conserve their built and natural environment.
  • A program that ensures communities do the best with what they’ve got to ensure a sustainable future.

 What makes a Tidy Town?

A framework to encourage and/or extend beautification, education, environmental, cultural, etc. programs.

  • Tidy Towns offers the framework to encourage or extend various improvements, beautification, education, environmental and cultural programs that may already be in progress.
  • A comprehensive approach to a better environment and a stronger community.
  • Enables Keep Australia Beautiful to encourage and recognise towns, schools, organisations and individuals involved in long term projects.
  • A Tidy Town is a community that works together towards a common goal of improving its appearance and environmental quality.
  • Strong community involvement is the key to success.
  • Broad community sector involvement provides strong ownership of town developments.
  • Through participation, community members gain greater awareness of local and general environmental issues.

Benefit to communities

Benefits to towns becoming involved in the program include a social, environmental and economic focus – all about sustainability.

  • Increased community pride and raised self esteem
  • Increased interaction between broad range of community groups
  • Encourages an inter-generational approach between varying age groups within a community.
  • Social cooperation
  • Encourages a clean and green sustainable community
  • Enables a community to become more aware of their local environment
  • Encourages innovative approaches to environmental challenges
  • Litter prevention and encourages community ‘ownership’ of problem through clean ups, etc
  • Better waste minimisation and management
  • Community awareness and educational benefits
  • Improved facilities, features and town presentation
  • Improved health standards
  • Opportunities for tourism promotion and related ‘flow on’ benefits.

A Tidy Towns plan

An effectively planned community-driven Tidy Towns program includes:

  • A developed vision of what a community wants for a sustainable future. Preferably linked to Shire/Council’s local environment plan, if available.
  • A useful resource for planning future directions.
  • Budget factor.
  • Action Plan – what/when/where/ how to get the job done.
  • Equipment/resources – who/what to use to get the job done.
  • Promotion – how to expose our program.
  • Evaluation – where have we been?
  • Future strategies – where do we go from here?