Lake Brown - Salt Lake

Lake Brown Image 1

The waterways and wetlands of the Wheatbelt have been shaped over millions of years by the climate and geology. The Wheatbelt landscape of today is very flat and the ancient river valleys (palaeochannels) have become filled with sediment. When significant rain falls, the salt lakes become a fully functioning aquatic systems with aquatic flora and fauna usually lying dormant as buried seeds and eggs awaiting the right conditions.

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Unless the rainfall is very heavy many of the lakes are very saline (saltier than seawater) or dry for most of the year. Even in their dry state they offer stunning scenery and great photo opportunities. Salt lakes are wetlands which are fragile natural environments and are particularly susceptible to the physical impacts from off-road vehicles, motorcycles and quad bikes, these vehicles should NOT be driven on, or near the lake edge.

Lake Brown is accessible off the Lake Brown South road north east of Nungarin. Lake Brown is a salt lake and when full is used for water skiing. Eaglestone Rock is on the north shore of Lake Brown.

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